34IN CURVED 1000R 3440X1440 WQHD 4000:1 HDMI/DP/USB HUB/USB-C

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Product: 34IN CURVED 1000R 3440X1440 WQHD 4000:1 HDMI/DP/USB HUB/USB-C


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    Ultra-WQHD Resolution with 34″ Curved Display

    Immerse yourself in detail. Within games, movies or design projects, surround yourself with the 34″ ultra-wide curved display featuring a 21:9 aspect ratio. Ultra-WQHD provides the simplest way to maximize your screen real estate and experience truly seamless multitasking on just one screen.

    Enhanced concentration and comfort

    Enhance productivity and reduce eyestrain for those long working days. 1000R curvature closely matches the curve of the human field of sight, allowing content to be viewed at a glance while proven to effectively limit eyestrain compared with flat monitors, for a more comfortable experience.

    1 Billion Colors with HDR10

    Enjoy any content in stunning color accuracy and detail. With a wide range of colors, near limitless hues and HDR10, which makes dark colors darker and the brightest colors even brighter, every piece of content becomes a joy to look at and can be experienced exactly as the creator intended.

    Keep your setup clean and clutter-free

    Ditch the clutter and keep connected. S6 features a USB Type-C port with 90W charging to power your laptop and transmit data with just one cable, in addition to a LAN Port which allows a laptop that has no LAN port to simply connect to the monitor for Ethernet use.

    Relieve your eyes from strain TUV Certified Intelligent Eye Care

    Keep your eyes fresh and strain-free. For those late-night projects, brightness and color temperature adjust automatically for optimization in any environment. TUV-certified for intelligent eye care, Samsung protects eyes against excessive blue light with eye saver mode and a flicker-free feature.

    Focus uninterrupted for optimum productivity

    With a virtually borderless design, stay focused on your work with minimum distractions. Or with dual-monitors, scan between multiple apps, emails and documents without breaking focus with near gapless continuity, complemented by the slim metal stand to meet any aesthetic needs.

    Fast 100Hz Refresh Rate

    The fast 100Hz screen refresh rate provides smoother, silkier mouse sensitivity for enhanced productivity in any application. It also reduces screen stutter in fast-moving action scenes for a flawless gaming experience.

    Stay in sync with the action

    Make your entertainment experience more fluid than ever. AMD FreeSync™ keeps your monitor and graphics card refresh rate in sync to reduced image tear and stutter. Movies and games have no interruptions and even fast action scenes are ultra-responsive and smooth.

    Create a sustainable future

    Transform your eco-friendly packaging into practical tools or choose to recycle for enhanced sustainability. Globally certified for energy efficiency, Samsung features eco-saving plus mode that preserves energy.

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