The Origin

    Elizarov Consulting Group (ECG) was established in 2013. Our company has made its name through partnering with corporations and other organizations to help them develop and implement their strategy for development. We provide our clients with customized consulting service based on their needs and goals.


    Grow With Us

    Our clients in the private sector are both American and international companies, and we have been able to build a strong network of business relationships by working in diverse sectors of the corporate world and offering consulting services on a global scale. Our primary goal is to help our clients make full use of their strengths and realize their potential by recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities for developing their core business area.


    What We Do

    We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with world governments and international development institutions, providing clients with contacts for collaborative networking, thereby developing relationships with domestic and international players to help them achieve maximum success.

    Meet the CEO

    Yakov Elizarov ECG

    Yakov Elizarov is the chairman of our company. His strength is in providing his clients with the ideas, advice and energetic, 24-7 support needed to meet their goals. Startup entrepreneurs and more established companies alike have benefitted from his consulting services. Before establishing ECG, Mr Elizarov worked in senior postions at such respected companies as AT&T, Quicken Loans,JP Morgan Chase and MSN

    Our values

    Entrepreneurial approach and collaborative working style are the two pillars of our values. We understand the importance of building reliable relationships. You need to have a collaborative approach in today’s environment and we are focused on building a Global team of experts. We have inherited our values from our ancestors and our focus is to pass on the legacy to the coming generation. Our organization works with high level of motivation and enthusiasm. We strive to challenge conventional thinking through our innovative operational method.

    Our Mission

    “To become a strategic partner and critical resource to our clients, to connect their business with opportunity in emerging markets, to work with men and women of vision and commitment, and leave a positive legacy wherever we work. ”

    Key Services

    1. Preparing/Implementing Business Development Plans, Growth Strategies and Marketing Plans
    2. Identifying Potential Strategic Partnerships
    3. Assessing Risk Management
    4. Training & Education Programs

    Awards and Honors

    • Elizarov Consulting Group received the Montgomery County Start-up Business of the Year Award for 2015
    • Our company was featured in Capital One Banks Small Business Spark campaign in 2015
    • Selected to be featured in American Express Open Business Forum summer/fall 2017
    • Selected to be featured in We Are Montgomery County campaign fall 2017