Each and every organization, be it commercial or non-commercial, needs to carry out risk analysis or assessment periodically so as to ensure that its premises are completely safe for all stakeholders including employees, owners, suppliers, and clients. When it comes to risk analysis or assessment, we take pride in offering solutions which are quality oriented, practicable, and legally enforceable. Talking about risk analysis, there are different kinds of risk evaluation aspects that range from broad-spectrum office space assessment to job risks review including hazardous chemicals, fire, enclosed spaces, dangerous machinery, and so on.

    ECGDC employs personnel who have the requisite skills and the relevant industry experience to conduct risk analysis for your business, regardless of the commercial segment you’re engaged in. The risk evaluation project is conducted in close coordination with company representatives to make sure that the exercise is successful in making your personnel aware of the workplace hazards and perils. Once you hire us, we deliver the templates and formats for risk analysis which you use to your advantage as well as create personalized training programs suited to your requirements.

    Our risk analysis consultancy services take into account:-

    • All the likely workplace risks and hazards
    • The existing security arrangement in the workplace
    • Each and every work or job aspect including but not limited to solo work, teamwork, maintenance work, servicing work, and so on
    • Specific activity areas or tasks which involves taking extra precautions or nominal safety measures

    We prepare and deliver reports on the steps you need to take for enhancing the security in your office or factory, familiarizing the staff about the security apparatus, and scheduling training programs. We also apprise you on the cost implications of adopting the workplace safety requirements recommended by us. We are fully conversant with the fact that the security scenario varies from one organization to the other. Therefore, we make sure that the risk analysis consultancy we provide is tailor made for the specific organization hiring our services.