ECGDC is a premier consultancy firm that has entrenched its goodwill in the national and global marketplaces by continuing to provide broad-spectrum consultancy services, including marketing &branding consultancy services. We offer the full range of branding and marketing services to various businesses, big and small, engaged in diverse industrial/commercial segments. We weave a meaningful and riveting story of your brand by embroidering disparate strands with a view to improve the bottom line.

    Our team at ECGDC picks up a thorough knowledge of the industry you’re involved with, your product or service, clientele, suppliers and every other stakeholder connected to your brand. Once the professionals have a first-hand conception about your brand, they work as a close-knit team to work out suggestions and recommendations that’ll eventually help promote the brand. Regardless of whether you are looking to find new markets for your brand and boost sales or bolster and increase its existing market share, we have the infrastructure and the expertise to come up with solutions.

    What you simply need to do is give us a sketchy idea of your vision and our dedicated professional team will build on that idea for giving shape to a concrete brand image that is guaranteed to keep you ahead of the competition. We furnish 360˚ marketing consultancy services including:-

    Digital marketing

    • Web-based PR
    • SEO/SEM strategy
    • Social media promotion
    • Google My Business profile creation
    • Visual content marketing
    • Videography
    • Online marketing performance appraisal and improving the strategy based on feedback

    Public Relation Activities

    • Press releases
    • Advertising in offline and digital media
    • Event management
    • Blog posts

    Our branding services cover:-

    • Market survey
    • Studying spending behaviors of niche segment
    • Brand positioning
    • Fixing pricing strategy
    • Competition mapping
    • Formulating marketing and sales strategy
    • Distribution strategy
    • Setting up distributors’ and retailers’ channels
    • Infrastructural set up
    • Statutory obligations