ECGDC is an eminent consultancy firm based in Silver Spring, Maryland that liaises with national governments, private sector, and international regulatory bodies/authorities for promoting cooperation between and amongst themselves. We’ve been working together with governments at national, regional, and local levels in assisting them to develop realistic regulatory and legal frameworks that make it easier for homegrown and foreign firms to conduct business. Alternatively, our international relations consultancy services enable businesses to bolster their position in emerging regions and markets.

    Our professionals are hired by government departments, bureaus, and public companies based abroad where they interpret and analyze foreign policies. ECGDC employees also cooperate with PR departments of global regulatory institutions, multinational corporations, and organizations, acting as liaison agents. We provide international relations consultancy and advisory services in the areas including human rights, global financing, economic development, sustainable development, ecology, and globalization.

    Some of the basic responsibilities of our international relations specialist include:-

    • Mediating with research agencies, government officials, civic authorities, municipal corporations, political parties, and the media on matters including but not limited to public relations, public policies, and election results data interpretation
    • Assessing activities of governments and business organizations abroad
    • Evaluating international legislations, issues, and policies
    • Identifying and forecasting social, economic and political trends
    • Analyzing likely causes and outcomes of global issues and coming up with feasible solutions
    • Appraising policies and programs on behalf of government institutions and business organizations
    • Updating stakeholders on domestic as well as foreign policy matters
    • Disseminating research and survey findings via the publication of reports, journals, and thesis papers
    • Creating drafts of regulatory proposals, foreign policy aspects, and speeches
    • Designing projects for international cooperation for governmental and non-governmental bodies
    • Briefing the media on foreign and public policy matters
    • Helping businesses to connect with governments and vice versa