The ECGDC group spearheaded by Yakov Elizarov furnishes advisory and consultative services to E & P (exploration & production) firms, including recommendations on securing contracts, understanding the economics and grappling with international legislation. We assist these companies belonging to the oil and gas sector’s upstream segment-an intensely high-risk/lucrative field-by furnishing inputs on exploration, development, production, and trading of various kinds of oil and gas. Our E & P customers comprise national and global oil companies, regulatory and statutory bodies, banks, financial institutions, and governments.

    We offer services at each and every stage of the E & P course of action that includes exploration, assessment, oil well drilling and development, production, and distribution. We ensure that every one of our customers take appropriate upstream investment decision so as to bolster’s business growth and development, especially in a sector or environment that is extremely volatile. A thorough appraisal of E & P prospects in an area that is fraught with acute risks and high costs is very crucial for ascertaining commercial success.

    We thoroughly make sure that complicated reservoir and the geological information is transformed into pragmatic production profiles which in turn are processed for cost-efficient drilling options.  We’ve amassed widespread experience in securing E& P contracts for our clients as well as counseling them on legislation related to such contracts. We’ve also offered consultation to our customers on taxation matters related to contracts.

    Our E &P investment consultation services cover:-

    • Economic evaluation
    • Analysis of the prospects of exploration and risk appraisal
    • Reviewing field development projects
    • Assessment of discoveries from a commercial perspective
    • Carrying out review of reserves of oil and gas
    • Property valuation
    • Project funding
    • Cost estimation
    • Legislation and contracts
    • Drafting and revising petroleum laws and stipulations
    • Drafting and revising contracts
    • Negotiating contracts
    • Implementing the contract and following up
    • Preparing an appropriate fiscal package
    • Training
    • International laws on petroleum and contracts
    • Institutional setup
    • Conservation and management of natural resources
    • Recommendations to government energy supervision bodies
    • Monitoring petroleum operations