ECGDC is one of the most sought after agencies when it comes to seeking consultancy and advice on negotiating for securing business contracts. We at ECGDC provide top quality consultation to blue chip and Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. This we do by putting the emphasis on transparency, value-oriented outcomes, and collaborative partnerships in each and every segment of the economy we work in.

    In our endeavor to furnish the highest level of negotiation consultancy, we try our level best to adhere to a standardized framework. In other words, we strive to maintain high ethical standards and professionalism while providing contract negotiation consultancy. We take immense pride in the fact that all our existing clients have full confidence and faith in us and consequently our services.

    When it comes to delivering consultation and advisory services pertaining to negotiations and contracts:-

    • We go out of the way to ensure that our clients are able to accomplish the results they are looking for
    • We are continuously trying to ameliorate the value and quality of our services
    • We always try to uphold transparency while dealing with our clients and trying to find solutions to their concerns
    • We conduct training and development of our staff every year so that they are able to deliver their best
    • We carry out consultancy services either jointly with our clients or during the negotiation training cycle
    • We attempt to exploit the effectiveness of the contracting negotiation process that we’ve perfected over the years by partnering with clients where they use our tools and techniques
    • We assign a contract negotiation specialist to your firm who is capable of deftly handling the parleying stage in the contract
    • We put a high premium on the preparation phase we interact with our clients in order to thoroughly understand their business threats and opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses

    Finally, during the planning stage, we help our clients in laying out an effective negotiation strategy through assessment of contingency options, priorities, and objectives.