Elizarov Consulting Group, popularly known as ECG in the consultancy industry was founded in 2013 with the overarching objective of assisting firms, big and small, in formulating their business development strategy. Since its establishment, ECG has focused on furnishing consultancy services in the areas of ‘business development & sales’, ‘E & P Investment’, ‘contract & negotiations’, ‘strategy development’ and ‘international relations’ to name a few. Recently, ECG has started offering superlative SEO services that is guaranteed to catapult your ungraded website to acquiring a ranking in the first SERP of popular search engines.

    Though we cannot assure you of a high-ranking placement overnight, we can at least guarantee a tangible ROI within a short time period through our dedicated efforts. We will demonstrate how to take advantage of automated social media platforms and marketing online content reinforced with targeted keywords. Once you start collaborating with us, you’ll slowly and gradually realize the significance of social media marketing and content promotion with regards to organic SEO.

    We lay stress on creating original, creative, and plagiarism-free content that is based around the particular needs and preferences of your niche or target segment. You can be rest assured that traffic to your site will increase substantially once we are through with proffering our services to you. We provide you the entire gamut of SEO services that will surely popularize your site across the web and bolster its online presence.

    We offer consultancy in the following areas of SEO:-

    • Targeted keyword research – Needless to say, most of your competitors target the most popular keywords relevant to their business. So, if you too chase the same keywords that are being exploited by your closest competitors, possibilities of cornering a good rank on the SERPs are remarkably slim. We help you in selecting the main keyword and a specific set of LSI keywords that will add teeth to website content and go a long way in putting the same right in front of your niche customers.
    • Website audit – Our website audit concentrates on ferreting out issues that are preventing your site from becoming visible to your targeted segment. We’ll troubleshoot the problems and make the necessary adjustments.
    • Site mapping
    • Content marketing
    • On-page /off-page optimization
    • Local SEO
    • Link building
    • WP optimization