ECGDC since its inception in 2013 has focused on helping firms and companies in furthering their trade by providing them with reliable consultancy services on diverse commercial aspects, including ‘business intelligence’. The ‘business intelligence’ and ‘data warehousing’ consultancy provided by us enables our clients to exploit raw data for transforming the same into relevant information for developing an action plan. The key elements incorporated into our BI consultancy services comprise ‘appraisal of BI initiative’, ‘data quality’, ‘dashboard evaluation’ ‘standardization of BI tools and techniques’ and data mart coherency’.

    The end objective of our BI consultancy service is to ensure that the current business intelligence/data warehousing implementation plan of our clients is in line with the ones we develop for them. We’ve been successful in mitigating the risks and making the revamped BI process more practicable (and hence more achievable) for our customers by sticking to this line of action. The solutions that we deliver are determined by first collecting data from several sources, systematizing the same in the form of a warehouse, generating online analytical processing systems and creating perceptive data visualization modules.

    The implementation of our typical BI strategy happens at three levels or stages:-

    Detailed Data Summary

    We employ competent BI professionals who prepare fine-tuned reports and insightful dashboards which present a complete summarization of an organization’s present and past performance with consistent future performance reports

    OLAP Visualization

    Our web-based analytical processing modules, customized to a specific organization’s requirements, provide different ways to put data on view. Comprehending this data becomes easy as we also provide multiple data analysis metrics. Consequently, the client gets to have a thorough overview of his or her business and at the same time assess possible outcomes from multiple perspectives.
    Data Warehousing

    At the core of our BI implementation plan is data warehousing. The BI consultants are well versed in extracting relevant from standard enterprise systems like CRM and ERP to name a couple for the sake of in-depth assessment.