The ‘business development and sales’ consultancy services of ECGDC focus on the core areas which propel business growth and development. These areas include finance, operations, administration, sales, and R&D. We first carry out a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for each and every client) and thereafter prepare a tailor-made service-delivery strategy.

    A team comprising of highly skilled and experienced professionals, work in close coordination to lay out the service deployment plan. At ECGDC, our prime objective is to work in close cooperation with our clients so as to promote business development, operations, marketing & sales, and procurement activities. We are able to provide these services by dint of our extensive expertise and experience.

    We have a well-entrenched network comprising sales representatives, industry contacts, affiliates, and franchisees. We follow a very adaptable and flexible modus-operandi and schedule, undertaking both long-term and short-term projects. You can either recruit a professional from our organization for working as a member of your team or you can outsource the project to us.

    You can choose from a host of payment modes including but not limited to fee option, lump sum payment, and equity or commission. We provide the following consulting services pertaining to business development and sales:-

    • Marketing & Sales promotions
    • Contracting, negotiations, and submitting bids
    • Operations, administration, and management
    • Day-to-day business operations and everyday negotiations
    • Monitoring contracts
    • Carrying out promotional campaigns in uncharted territories and finding new markets for your product or service
    • Planning, strategizing, and implementation
    • Preparing bid proposal strategy
    • Positioning your brand in front of your niche segment
    • Identifying your target segments and markets
    • Bolstering your marketing and sales processes
    • Writing out and submitting tenders
    • Benchmarking your brand
    • Value addition services
    • Attempting to reduce costs across-the-board without compromising on the quality of service

    Please get in touch with us via a phone call or email if you are interested to discuss about your business development requirements.